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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Double Whammy?

    Double Whammy, LLC, is a not-for-profit organization built upon the sole mission of supporting established charitable organizations doing amazing things. We give back to society with the help of you, our supporters, playing our true 50/50 raffle drawings. Half of the money collected in each Double Whammy drawing will be awarded to one lucky Whammy Winner. The other half of the proceeds will go directly toward cash contributions donated to the charity selected for the drawing and supporting the expense of maintaining our online operation. Double Whammy does not keep any profits.

  2. Why is a minimum bet amount required for each Whammy Wager?

    Double Whammy must pay a fee with every purchase processed through a credit card company. The minimum wager amount is required to cover the expense incurred with each credit card transaction made by a supporter.

  3. How can I verify if my Whammy Wager was in the drawing? is the certified, independent professional service provider performing all of our random drawings. If you wish to verify any wager you’ve made in a Double Whammy 50/50 drawing, you may log into and enter your email address under the drawing you entered.

  4. Why am I unable to view all information for Double Whammy entries?

    Double Whammy requires multiple forms of identification from each supporter to enable us to properly verify winners and ensure that winnings are appropriately awarded for each 50/50 drawing. Your personal information is important and needs to be protected, so we will never publicize our supporters’ personal information on our web site.

  5. Will I have to pay taxes on a Double Whammy winning?

    Depending on the amount, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that Double Whammy reports a supporter’s winnings on an IRS Form W-2G. Please refer to for additional information.

  6. Will Double Whammy ever ask me to give back my winnings to a charity?

    Absolutely not! Many of us have attended local events soliciting our participation in a 50/50 charitable drawing, only to later have the crowd “chant” at the winners to also give back all of their winnings to the charity…this is clearly not a true 50/50 deal if you’re pushed to return your winnings. In these circumstances, why didn’t the organization running the raffle simply pass around a money jar instead of putting forth the ruse of holding a 50/50 drawing? This will never happen with a Double Whammy drawing. Double Whammy is pleased to deliver the cash award to the winner of each 50/50 drawing, benefiting both the winner and the charity being served.

  7. Is my credit card information stored with my account information?

    No. To protect our supporters, Double Whammy does not store any credit card information. This is why you’ll need to reenter your credit card information with each new wager in our system.

  8. Why do I have to create a Double Whammy account?

    During your first visit to our web site, Double Whammy prompts you to create an account to assist us in later verifying your personal information. Each Whammy Wager that you place will be associated with your previously established personal account, with no need to recreate an account a second time. Should someone ever attempt to falsely claim a winning, your personal Double Whammy account provides an additional measure to help us prevent fraud.

  9. Is my wager tax deductible since Double Whammy is a not-for-profit organization?

    No. While Double Whammy is a not-for-profit organization established to support worthy charitable causes, the IRS will not allow the cost of your ticket(s) to be applied as a tax deduction.